Terms and Conditions

* Please keep us notified of any allergies, or medical conditions your child may have and any changes to these conditions. We share a packet of biscuits at the start of the class. If your child suffers from allergies please ensure that it is safe for them to eat them, and notify us if they can't.

* Late pick up incurs a $10 charge for every extra 15 minutes late.

*Please note that it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child gets to the class safely. For the children who attend the school where the class is held and go directly to the art class at the end of school, we find that the children happily make their own way there. But if for any reason you are uncertain they can safely do so, please organise for someone to take them, or ask their class teacher to remind them.

* If your child is going to be away we do ask that you please let us know beforehand.

* The students need to be signed out at the end of the class as well when you pick them up.

The teachers mark the roll on an App on their phone, so we always have a record of who has attended, so the parents don't need to sign the children in. They do however need to sign them out at the end of the class, so that we know they have been collected safely and by whom.

*We always try and be really careful in Art Smart with art smocks, but somehow paint always seems to magically get through...past collars, or the kids take them off when we are busy..usually at clean up time!! So we recommend that the children don't wear their best school uniform, and that the older kids that come to the later session change into old clothes.

*We have a Google Plus Page we just started where we're posting some of the kids art and updates. Just go to Google Plus and when you're on the page type into the search field the words, Art Smart followed by the name of your school. You can then bookmark that page and see all the updates any time.

If you mind us posting images of the children's work please let us know. The kids have been really excited about it! If we ever use a photo of the actual children we would email for permission first.

*Art Smart for Kids is entitled entirely at its discretion, to refuse entry or to eject from the studio premise anyone on any of the following grounds (this list is non-exhaustive):

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